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Rise in consumer gardening expected

Consumers are becoming more connected with the great outdoors thanks to smarter use of their time, and due to a recent study revealing the health benefits of gardening¹, a rise in the number of green fingers is anticipated, according to Glee.

Landscaping has been proven to enlarge financial wealth to and is believe to increase the value of a property by nearly 12.2 percent.

There is more of a focus on ergonomic – not just functional – garden tools, as this helps to reduce the strength and flexibility required for many gardening chores. Tools with specially shaped handles and mechanisms – from loppers with extendable handles and ergonomic garden hoes, scissors, weeders and transplanters – help reduce the strain on different parts of the body and are usually lighter in weight, appealing to older and younger gardeners alike.

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Consumers are realising more and more that buying cheap tools is not always the best option, so wiser investment in a pastime that has rocketed in popularity in recent years is becoming more evident, as customers look towards sourcing the best gardening tools and equipment available to keep their gardens flourishing.

This year, copper and brass will be seen in the garden, with copper gardening tools said to possess scientific benefits that help fend off unwanted plant pests such as slugs and snails.

This is all to do with magnetic fields, whereby the copper acts as a deterrent for such creatures and forces them away from vegetable patches.

Recent research forecasts the global cordless garden tools market to grow steadily at a CAGR of five percent from 2016 onwards ³. The rising need to add aesthetic appeal to residential and commercial properties around the world is a key driver for the growth of this market.

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