Burns Pet Nutrition launches membership club for new owners

Natural pet food company, Burns Pet Nutrition, has launched a new membership scheme to support new puppy owners, following a “puppy boom” in the UK over the last six months.

The family-run business has unveiled its new Puppy Club, that aims to provide advice, support and food supplies to new owners. 

Membership fees comprise a standalone, one-off cost of £9.99, after which club members will receive dog food, professional nutrition advice, training tips and a “whole host of other goodies” for an entire year.

As part of the club’s package, members will receive 2kg of puppy food shortly after signing up to the club, followed by 4kg of Burns adult food after nine months (or 12 months for large and giant breeds) to help them transition into adult life.

Club members will be able to choose from four varieties of Burns’ dog food, including a grain-free option, enabling them to cater to any specific dietary needs or intolerances.

Owners will also receive professional nutritional advice, training tips and practical gifts, and benefit from regular email updates containing advice.

They will also receive a variety of puppy items, including a feeding mat, training treats and puppy handbook. Owners will also have access to bespoke advice on feeding from top nutritionists at Burns. 

At the end of the programme, they will also receive a birthday card to celebrate reaching the one-year milestone. 

John Burns, veterinary surgeon and founder of Burns Pet Nutrition, said: “Becoming a dog owner comes with a lot of new responsibilities and for those bringing a puppy home for the first time, it can be especially daunting. 

“We wanted to use our team’s expertise to help support new owners to feel confident and knowledgeable for their puppy parenting journey, making the experience as enjoyable as possible.”

He added: “Through Puppy Club we will help owners find their way, ensuring they take the best care of their new four-legged friend and feed them natural, wholesome dog food to give them the healthiest start. 

“As well as the gifts and advice that come with the service, I’d advise all members to get in touch with our nutrition team, who are on hand to answer any questions they might have on their puppy’s dietary needs.” 

New puppy owners can become part of the club with a one-off payment of just £9.99 which will secure them 12 months’ worth of advice, gifts, and Burns food products totalling over £53 in value.

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