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Kennel Club hosts BOAS webcast

The Kennel Club announced it has hosted a “unique” webcast to discuss brachycephalic health and what can be done “collaboratively to ensure a healthier future for dogs”.

The webcast was chaired by Kennel Club chairman, Tony Allcock.

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Its panel included Dr Jane Ladlow, European and Royal College specialist in small animal surgery and BOAS researcher; Bill Lambert, head of health and welfare at the Kennel Club; and Charlotte McNamara, health and welfare development manager at the Kennel Club.

The panel discussed brachycephalic health, approaches across Europe, the need for a collaborative, evidence-based approach.

It also discussed how the Respiratory Function Grading Scheme can help protect and improve the health of brachycephalic dogs, and the importance of data collection and ongoing research into the complex Brachycephalic Obstructive Airways Syndrome (BOAS). 

Tony Allcock, Kennel Club chairman, said: “Brachycephalic dog health is one of the most pressing canine issues globally due to its complex nature and the wide range of contributing factors. 

“It’s important to keep raising awareness of the issues while focussing on evidence-based actions and how we can work together to protect and improve the health of these dogs worldwide. This is a priority for the Kennel Club and all those who care about dogs.”

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