PATS Telford launches new initiative 

PATS Telford has announced the launch of a new initiative that aims to “bring buyers and sellers together” online. 

The launch follows news that the trade show would no longer go ahead in light of ongoing coronavirus-related restrictions. 

Following its cancellation, the PATS Telford Forum will now take place on the exhibition’s website during August, September and October.

It will offer exhibitors the opportunity to showcase new products, as well as offer deals and discounts to retailers.

In addition, there will also be up-to-date information on all PATS Telford Forum exhibitors and links to their websites, grooming demonstrations to be viewed online, and on-demand educational seminars from industry experts.

Organiser Gordon Thomas said:  “We were extremely disappointed and sad that PATS Telford 2020 as a ‘live’ event will not take place this September, but there is still a thirst for suppliers and manufacturers to talk to buyers, and vice versa. 

“We are therefore delighted to introduce The PATS Telford Forum. By running the Forum across August, September and October, we are not limiting activity to just a few days of online interaction but offering a long-term facility for online communication and trade between PATS exhibitors and buyers.”

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