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PFMA launches nutrition guide for kittens

In celebration of National Kitten Day (10 July), the PFMA has released a new factsheet featuring the guidance needed to ensure that kittens are given a healthy, balanced diet.  

According to the association, getting a cat’s diet right from kittenhood” helps way beyond the first few years of life”.

The factsheet covers a range of areas including, what to feed kittens and how much, when to switch them to an adult diet, how to introduce a new diet and advice for monitoring weight gain.

It also provides guidance on how to move a kitten from birth to weaning, explaining how to gradually introduce a fully-balanced and complete diet once the kitten reaches three or four weeks old and their mother’s milk production lessens.

The guide also touches on kitten’s welfare, explaining that a cat should be at least eight weeks old before leaving its mother. It advises owners to keep their veterinary team involved throughout kittenhood to receive advice on when to vaccinate and neuter, and to regularly check your kitten’s health.

Nicole Paley, PFMA deputy chief executive, said: “Getting the diet right for kittens (and puppies) from the offset is so important. It is key to preventing obesity later down the line. 

“Feeding a specially formulated kitten food, following the feeding guidelines on the pet food packet, and keeping an eye on weight gain are the three key steps to follow.”

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