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Laughing Dog raises money for charity

Pet food manufacturer Laughing Dog has announced that its staff have pledged to embark on a “virtual” cross-country walk in order to raise funds for the Guide Dogs charity.

According to the Boston Standard, participants will cover the equivalent journey between John O’Groats and Land’s End, with the distance covered through walks, runs and bike rides. 

So far, the employees have covered more than 550 miles. For every donation made to its Guide Dog JustGiving page, Laughing Dog is also donating dog food parcels to UK animal food banks.

Speaking to the paper, marketing team member, Cassandra Brennan, said: “Whether it’s running around the garden with our children, or going on a quiet walk or bike ride, we’re keeping active to ensure we can switch off from work properly and stay active.

“Each week our Laughing Dog food team is checking in with a weekly mileage figure so we can keep a count of our steps – along the way, we are hoping to raise a few pennies for our charity partner the Guide Dogs.”

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