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Scrumbles launches new range of wet cat food

Pet food company Scrumbles has launched a new range of wet cat food.

The ‘Good Inside Out’ range, which includes 70% meat content, is available in three flavours, which include chicken, salmon and tuna.

Scrumbles said the new range is designed to “please even the fussiest of felines”, and support their digestive health.

Co-founder, Aneisha Soobroyen, said: “Our cat customers have been crying out for us to expand into wet cat food for some time, so we’re thrilled to present our new range.

“There are some fantastic cat foods in the market, but many are hand packed in the far-east and shipped halfway around the world. We’re delighted to be able to offer a product that is manufactured here in the UK, offers great taste and leading nutrition.”

She added: “We know cats are obligate carnivores and it’s long been an open secret that many cat foods fall short on meat content. The purr-fect portions are available in three flavours; chicken, salmon and tuna, each containing 70% meat content.” 

 Scrumbles, which was launched in June 2018 is also a certified B Corporation.

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