Canine Partners seeking volunteers to assist dogs in training

Dog charity Canine Partners is seeking volunteers to offer “the best start in life” to a puppy training to be an assistant dog.

The charity trains assistance dogs to transform the lives of people with disabilities, boosting their confidence and independence.

It is looking for puppy parents in their 13 puppy training satellite areas to provide their puppies with the “love”, “care” and “skills” they need to get ready for the next stage of their training.

The dogs are taught a range of everyday tasks including picking up and fetching items, opening doors and dressing a person. 

They can even help to load and unload a washing machine and they can fetch help in an emergency.

Puppies-in-training live in the volunteer’s home from around eight-weeks-old until they are ready to start advanced training when they are between 12 and 14 months, at the Southern Training Centre near Midhurst or the Midlands Training Centre in Leicestershire

Canine Partners’ said in a statement that expert trainers are “on hand to support puppy parents”, as training involves home visits, one-to-ones, town visits and puppy classes in order to socialise the puppy and get them used to all situations they may need to be in as a fully trained canine partner.

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