Practice launches campaign for dog blood donors

A Worchestire veterinary practice has launched a campaign encouraging pet owners to register their dogs as blood donors.

Clent Hills Vets, which has practices in Bromsgrove, Hagley and Rubery, is asking owners to register their dogs for blood donations that prove vital in surgeries and medical treatments. 

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The practice said: “Donating blood isn’t just for humans. Dogs can donate blood too and save their fellow canine lives. With some surgical procedures and complicated forms of medical treatment, a dog may need to be given blood, which means other dogs need to donate.

“At Clent Hills Vets, our nursing team is compiling a list of viable dog blood donors in Worcestershire so that when a canine donation is needed, we have a number of dogs we can call upon.”

It added: “Just like with humans, there must be a sufficient period of time between donations, which is why we’re looking for multiple canine donors. 

“In emergency situations especially, when time is critical, having a list of local dogs who may be able to donate, could literally save another dog’s life.”

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