Dog Food brand Goood partners with homeless charities

Dog food retailer, Goood, has partnered with a number of homeless charities and shelters, in order to provide pet owners essential supplies.

For each kilo of Goood’s free-range lamb dog food sold, the company is donating 100g to pet food shelters where those most in need can get much-needed supplies for their dogs. 

The shelters, which Goood are partnering with are almost entirely reliant on donations to run.

The dog food retailer is working with a local homelessness charity, Roots Independent Street Team, located in Bristol as well as shelters in Augsburg and Berlin.

Roots Independent Street Team are a group of volunteers who are provide hot food, clothing and offer advice to the city’s homelessness. 

The company said it is “proud” to have developed partnerships with the homelessness charities.

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