Arcadia unveils updated E27 compact bird lamp

The Arcadia E27 has unveiled its updated compact bird lamp, which has been re-designed and re-branded for 2019.

According to the group, after an “extensive period” of research and redesign, and by using the latest in German technology, it has been able to further update and improve its screw in compact bird lamp.

The Arcadia ‘PureSun-Compact’ Bird lamp now benefits from:

  • Updated UV-B passing glass
  • 100% UV-C protection,
  • Improved spectrum
  • German Phosphors
  • Crisper, brighter illumination
  • Higher CRI,
  • Improved electronics and updated electronic safety features

Arcadia said it has been designing and making Full-Spectrum+UV-B lighting for birds for 20 years and are “dedicated to helping improve the welfare of captive birds” through its work.

It added: “Providing Full-Spectrum+UV-B lighting allows birds to manufacture their own essential vitamin D3 in a safe and natural way. Increased D3 leads to better calcium absorption, aids bone health, improves breeding, improves feather heath and helps to stop plucking.

“Exposure to UV-A also has a positive impact on avian welfare and allows the activation of full-colour vision, this in turn improves feeding and mate selection.”

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