Manuka Honey helps to save injured puppy

A Labrador puppy with life-threatening wounds on his front leg has been saved due to an innovative combination of laser treatment and Manuka Honey dressings.

His owner Laura Hobbs had bought Cooper from a breeder at the end of May. She was told that he had a ‘small cut’ on his left foreleg but that it was nothing to worry about.

A few days later, he started limping and became lethargic, the next day the two wounds opened on his leg. They were partially covered by areas of black, hardened skin, indicating a condition called ‘necrosis’.

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Hobbs rushed Cooper to Medivet Faygate where the veterinary team cleaned and his wounds and removed damaged tissue before applying a dressing containing Manuka Honey. The vets explained that this type of honey is widely recognised for its antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities.

The team rebandaged his leg regularly with the Manuka Honey dressings for the next two weeks. Lead vet Pete van Dongen also treated them with a laser to reduce pain, promote healing and reduce the risk of infection. The wounds were surgically cleaned and then closed using stitches and further bandages.

Dongen said: “Cooper’s case show that with a combination of old- fashioned and modern veterinary techniques, a dedicated owner and an enthusiastic veterinary team, anything is achievable. It helped that Cooper was such an adorable puppy.”

Hobbs added: “When the Vet told me that they planned to treat them with honey, I was surprised but watching them improve day by day was simply amazing. I worked at home during his treatment so that I could care for him and, as a result, we’ve formed a very strong bond. Seeing him start to enjoy being a puppy again and play with his yellow Labrador ‘brother’ Herbie is just wonderful.”

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