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Online Vets launches new ‘no win, no fee’ service

A new service called Online Vets has launched with a “unique approach” to vet bills by deducting the cost of an online consultation from a final vet bill if it turns out a pet does need to be taken to the veterinary surgery.

Part of the My Family Pet network – a pet advice website, Online Vets hopes this service will help UK owners to save £100 a year on vet bills.

As vets cannot prescribe medicines online, if an owner seeks an online consultation – which usually costs £20 per time – they face “double consultation” fees when they then need to take their pet to the vet. Online Vets charges £16 for an online consultation.

Douglas Veitch MRCVS and head of Online Vets, said: “In human healthcare, an online doctor can prescribe medication to their patients. However under the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) legislation, vets cannot do that. This impacts the wallets of our clients, as it will often mean they pay twice; once for the online consultation and then for the subsequent consultation in practice.

“That’s why we have launched our Online Vets service as the digital vet team can refer into one of our 800+ practices and ensure the initial online fee is deducted from the bill.”

Paul Cowling, UK CEO of, added: “This is a genuinely exciting innovation and part of our digital strategy to deliver exceptional veterinary care in a changing world. This moves the service offering forward and makes veterinary care more accessible to more people.”

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