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PFMA produces Animal Welfare Framework

Marking the end of the first year of Pet Food Manufacturing Association’s (PFMA) Pet Food Vision initiative with its focus on animal welfare, the trade body has produced a new Animal Welfare Framework.  

This embodies PFMA’s commitment to supporting the welfare needs of all animals and can be downloaded from the association’s website.

There are six key points detailed in the framework:

  1. PFMA is committed to providing high quality, safe nutrition for pets.
  2. PFMA is committed to welfare driven feeding.
  3. PFMA is committed to promoting companion animal welfare and responsible pet ownership.
  4. PFMA maintains high standards of raw materials.
  5. PFMA endorses the Five Freedoms identified in the Animal Welfare Act and with respect to farm animal welfare, support the FAWC concept of a Life Worth Living.
  6. PFMA works closely with stakeholders in the farm animal and companion animal sectors to ensure members are up to date on all issues.

In 2019, the association will continue the Pet Food Vision, putting the spotlight on pet nutrition. It will be the 10 year anniversary of the first PFMA Pet Obesity White Paper and there will be an educational push promoting healthy feeding and weight management.

Nicole Paley, deputy chief executive of the PFMA, said: “Our Pet Food Vision spans three years and each year we are focusing on one of the three pillars underpinning our work: animal welfare, nutrition, safety and standards. Although these are all areas of ongoing activity, it is extremely valuable to focus the mind and throw the spotlight on one area each year.  

“We learned so much in our first year and the development of the Animal Welfare Framework encapsulates our commitment to the welfare of all animals.”

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