Threat claims made by Pooch & Mutt are ‘not true’, says MPMA

The Metal Packaging Manufacturers Association (MPMA) has refuted claims that it threatened pet food brand Pooch & Mutt to remove an advert urging manufacturers to ditch canned food.

William Boyd, director and chief executive of MPMA said the company’s claims were “not true” and instead, it had asked Pooch & Mutt to clarify the source of the advert’s statements which said cartons were “80% more environmentally friendly than cans”.

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He said the European recycling rate was 74.7%, with cans having the highest rate of all packaging materials. He added that “by comparison, cartons, such as those used by Pooch & Mutt, have a recycling rate of just 47%”.


According to MPMA, founder of Pooch & Mutt Guy Blaskey, has provided the association with the information it requested and it is now being examined.

Boyd said: “With a European recycling rate of 74.7%, cans have the highest recycling rate of all packaging materials. By comparison, cartons, such as those used by Pooch & Mutt, have a recycling rate of just 47% (source APEAL). Further, it is estimated that 80% of all metal ever produced is still in circulation. With its solid, widely recognised and accepted environmental credentials, it would be odd if the metal packaging sector did not question Mr Blaskey’s comparisons.

“Mr Blaskey also cites a previous challenge to his company’s material made via the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). This challenge resulted in Pooch & Mutt being required to remove the offending page from its website, a requirement only achieved, according to Mr Blaskey, ‘through a loophole’.”

He added: “The ASA is the UK’s independent regulator of advertising across all media and requires that all ads are legal, decent, honest and truthful. This includes comparative advertising. Whatever Mr Blaskey may wish, Pooch & Mutt is not above the ASA’s code.”

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