Pooch & Mutt accuses ‘big pet food companies’ of trying to ban advert

Pet food manufacturer, Pooch & Mutt says it has received “threats” from competitors to force them to remove a new advert which references ditching canned food in order to protect the environment, from the MPMA (Metal Packaging Manufacturers Association).

Pooch & Mutt’s ‘Ditch the Can. Help the Planet’ advert, aims to show that cartons are “80% more environmentally friendly than cans”. The company said the advert was “probably the least controversial campaign that we have done” adding that it felt it was “almost a compliment that they consider us such a threat”.

Guy Blaskey, founder of Pooch & Mutt, said: “This is not the first time we have received threats around our marketing. Last year we had to remove a page from our website informing people about the truth behind Baker’s ingredients, such as the fact that it contains crushed insects.

“We did not have to remove this because it wasn’t true, it is true. We had to remove it as Nestle used a loophole in the advertising laws to get the ASA to see what we saw as an informative piece of journalism, as a piece of comparative advertising.”

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