Professor Noel Fitzpatrick to deliver keynote lecture at ACVS

Managing director of Fitzpatrick Referrals, professor Noel Fitzpatrick will be attending the American College of Veterinary Surgeons Surgery Summit (ACVS) this week to present the keynote lecture.

His keynote presentation ‘Revolution or Evolution? Ethics and Engineering of Bionic Biology’ will distil his 25 years of experience and innovation in musculo-neuro-skeletal pathology, outlining the sector’s choices going forward in the field of neuro-orthopaedic surgery with regard to rehabilitation, regenerative medicine, medical management, and surgical intervention using an integrated balanced approach for both the patient and the client.

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The professor will also focus on the importance of ethics, evidence, and efficacy in rehabilitation, regenerative medicine modalities, surgical or medical intervention for diseases of the axial and appendicular skeleton. He will also address the decision making process to operate, rehabilitate, or both with reference to etiopathogenesis and prognostication for various interventions, with the aim of providing functional pain-free quality of life.

Fitzpatrick said: “For over 20 years I have been attending ACVS, as a delegate and as a speaker, and I recognise the significance of this moment for myself personally and professionally. I shall be taking a tour from basic to advanced neuro-orthopaedic techniques in the context of the IDEAL framework – idea, development, exploration, assessment and long-term study as indicated for innovation in similar aspects of human surgery.

“This subject is very close to my heart, as I believe veterinary medicine needs to constantly re-evaluate our modes of thinking towards ethics and engineering as we head toward the future of bionic biology.”

He added: “When I lectured in America in the 90s it was the very first time I had used a laptop, having only had access to slide carousels to that point. American audiences accepted me into their community since then and I’m deeply grateful. This lecture is the biggest event of my career to date and I am hugely honoured to be asked to share my perspective on the vitally important issues of ethics and engineering as we try to inspire the next generation of veterinary professionals.”

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