West Kirby vet to star in children’s TV show

A vet in West Kirby is set to star in children’s TV show Ferne and Rory’s Vet Tales, where he will treat a local girl’s cat. The show aims to teach children about the work of veterinary surgeons and animal care.

Dylan Payne of Acorn Veterinary Centre treated the cat, named Frank, for the liver disease cholangiohepatitis, which causes inflammation of the liver and bile ducts, and is a common cause of feline liver disease. Payne has been a vet for five years and joined Acorn Veterinary Centre around five months ago.

Payne said: “It’s been a great opportunity and it has been very interesting seeing how much goes in to the making of one episode of a series such as this.

“I like the idea of the series too because it shows children what goes on behind the scenes at a veterinary surgery such as ours. So much takes place in the back room, away from the consulting room, when we are helping people look after their pets and so I think this is a good way to share this with children.

“Frank is a very friendly cat. He’s had quite a heavy recovery period from his liver problem and today it was great to see he is recovering well. I was filmed giving Frank a scan to check his liver and also we did a blood test to look for any changes there which help us to monitor how well the liver is functioning. He was bright and alert and I am pleased to report we were able to give him a clean bill of health.”

Ferne Corrigan, presenter of Ferne and Rory’s Vet Tales, said: “The surgery is absolutely brilliant and everyone had been so welcoming. We’ve had a great day filming here with Grace and Frank. It’s been lovely to tell their story. The practice is so modern, light and airy. The waiting room is huge which is great when we bring in a film crew because there’s great space for us without getting in the way of other people bringing their pets in.”

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