Pet Owners

Printing company offers free posters for missing pets

Online printing company Doxdirect, is offering 50 free missing pet posters to owners whose pets have gone missing.

Pet owners are required to upload a Word document of PDF file with the design of their posters, and enter their details on the company’s checkout page.

The posters should contain contact details, a description of the pet and any relevant pictures. The company will then give owners 50 copies of the poster with priority processing.

The service was launched in 2015 and was based on an idea by Louise Gipps, the company’s customer services manager. Gipps has volunteered with the RSPCA for many years where she helps by fostering and fundraising.

The company said: “Doxdirect print posters for many different purposes, for customers all around the UK, and because many of us are animal lovers – and indeed animal rescuers – we hit upon the idea of printing professional quality posters for missing pets completely free of charge.”

Viorel Batoanca, a spokesperson at Doxdirect, added: “We are pet owners and we can understand and relate to the stress of losing a pet. In such cases time is of the essence and, as an increasing number of people don’t have printers at home, we appreciate that it is often not possible to take time off work on short notice to visit a high street printer.

“At the same time, we want to introduce people to the convenience of online printing and we thought it would be better to do that by helping people rather than running expensive ad campaigns.”

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