Pooch and Mutt launches vet-approved dental sticks

This new dental sticks range contains chicken and SHMP, is suitable for all breeds and ages from six months old, and retails at £3.49 per pack

Pooch and Mutt has announced the launch of its new dental sticks in two flavours, superfood ‘mint and spirulina’ and calming ‘hemp and sage’. This new range is reportedly vet-approved and “boosted with novel functional ingredients”.

The dental sticks are shaped to clean deep between a dog’s teeth and are also designed to last longer to ensure “your dog gets plenty of chewing time”. This chewing is meant to keep their teeth white and “provide your dog with something enriching to do”.

Pooch and Mutt’s dental sticks are reportedly supplemented with SHMP (sodium hexametaphosphate), which is an anti-staining and tartar preventative ingredient used by dentists.

Both flavours of dental sticks contain chicken, a source of amino acids, and SHMP, which binds the calcium in dental plaque for easy removal via the dogs’ saliva. This new range is also suitable for all breeds and ages from six months old and retails at £3.49 per pack of seven dental sticks. 

Pooch and Mutt was founded in 2007 in the UK and develops natural meals, treats and supplements with the help of top nutritionists. Its aim is to “give your pet the optimal ingredients needed to boost their mood, behaviour and physical health”. 


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