Unipet gets ready for new Eco suet Pellet production

On behalf of Unipet

Unipet’s first of many loads of insect fat for its new Eco suet Pellets for wild bird feeding have just been loaded with its strategic partner Protix in Holland. 

Unipet uses thousands of tonnes of bulk liquid beef fat per year at its facility in North Kent. For the first time, it is now looking  to start manufacturing non-beef suet pellets in addition to regular beef suet pellets. Production will start as soon as the first truck arrives.

Managing director Andrew Ball said: “Its great that we have an eager customer base waiting for the new Eco suet pellets.”

Unipet will also be exhibiting its Eco suet pellets at Interzoo Nuremberg at the end of May in Hall 7A -429. 

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