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Vet operates on wrong eye leaving dog blind

A Scottish couple have claimed their French Bulldog was left blind following surgery for an ulcer in which vets operated on the wrong eye.

The owners said the surgery cost £1,500 and they had not been refunded by Wallace Veterinary Centre in Broughty Ferry, adding that the dog’s left eye had healed naturally. The couple cannot claim on insurance as it only covers the eye that was supposed to be operated on.

Owner, Elizabeth McKelvie, 47, told media: “The vet maintained that we had given permission for the operation to go ahead on the right eye,” but denied this had been her instruction.

McKelvie described the operation as a “botched job” and said that she and her husband had been left “very angry and upset”.


Pet Gazette contacted Wallace Veterinary Centre for comment but a spokesman refused to comment citing “client confidentiality”.

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