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Huskaloo launches new eco-friendly cat litter

The brand has said the litter contains ‘no strong odours’ and it stays ‘clean, dry and fresher’ for longer.

Huskaloo Conservationist has launched an eco-friendly cat litter in an attempt to reduce waste.

During 2021, Huskaloo sponsored the Darwin200 UK project that saw 19 young trainee sailors and conservationists investigate the problem with plastic waste.

It revealed 2.4 mn tonnes of clay cat litter goes into UK landfills each year, as well as plastic waste ending up in landfills and waters around the UK.

According to the brand, the cat litter is made from dehydrated coconut husks and is fully compostable, with the remaining husk able to be disposed of in garden waste instead of landfills.

Huskaloo has also said It offers a “vastly” reduced carbon footprint compared to other cat litter, as it is 90% smaller and 90% lighter with each block lasting for a “minimum” of 4 days.

There are seven bricks to each box offering a minimum of one month’s supply of cat litter, with packaging also recyclable.

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