Waterlife launches new aquatic wormer FlukeFree

On behalf of Waterlife

FlukeFree is broad spectrum treatment for roundworms, tapeworms, planarian flatworms and flukes (gyrodactylus & dactylogyrus), which are often found in aquarium fish.

Worms may be introduced via plants, snails or infected fish. Curing parasitic infections swiftly helps to improve health and quality of life for aquatic animals infected.

The class of drug that FlukeFree comes under is known as anthelmintics, which are more commonly known as wormers.

FlukeFree works by killing/paralysing the parasites, causing them to release their hold on the fish and without a host, these organisms cannot survive. FlukeFree is safe with fish, plants and filtration.

FlukeFree advantages:

  • Simple to use tablet form
  • No mess
  • Tolerated by a wide range of species
  • Will not dye silicon sealant
  • Only 2 doses usually required to cover life span of parasites
  • Improved shelf life

The product also treats: Roundworms, Safe with fish, shrimps and snails 

Available in 20 tablets:

2 doses for 225 litres.

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