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Cat found in garage by mechanics finds new home

A young cat rescued from a garage in London’s Wembley area has found a new home after being rescued by animal welfare charity Mayhew.

Mechanics working in the garage in North West London discovered the one year old Tortoiseshell on the premises and immediately called the London based charity.

The cat was quickly seen by vet teams at Mayhew’s on-site Community Vet Clinic and was given a thorough health check. The cat was not microchipped and an owner did not come forward therefore the cat was put up for rehoming.

The cat has now been named Piper and has found a new home.

Paul Grimes, animal welfare officer at Mayhew said: “When we collected Jamillah from the garage, she was covered in dirt and looked frightened. We immediately brought her back to Mayhew to be seen by our Vet team.

“She was ever so friendly, enjoying lots of fuss and strokes. From the state of Jamillah, it looked like she had been hiding in the garage for a couple of weeks. We can’t imagine how terrifying it must have been for her.”

Mayhew Vet, Dr Emily Richardson, said: “When Jamillah arrived she was very dirty, but had no other specific health concerns.

“We gave her flea and worming treatment and she was microchipped and later fully vaccinated and neutered.”

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