Petface Planet – Endangered Habitat inspired, eco-influenced product design for pets

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Petface has launched Petface Planet, a range of eco-influenced pet products, carefully sourced from natural and recycled materials. 

Across the UK we use on average 7.8 billion plastic bottles every year, which is around 117 bottles per person. (or 2 new Petface Planet large Eco Hex Pet Beds!!!) 

55% of all plastic waste still ends up in landfill, or contributes to the 12.7 million tonnes of plastic that pollutes our oceans yearly.

Inspired by our world’s endangered ecosystems, the debut ‘Rainforest Range’ highlights animals living within the biodiversity of rainforest habitats. The range features bright and colourful characters, toys, and bedding for Dogs and Cats, including a Chameleon, Piranha, Tree Frog, Crocodile, and Toucan – all made from recycled plastic.

John Pullen, Director Petface, explained: “It wont come as a surprise to many that sourcing recycled materials is relatively easy, however we went to great lengths to understand the origin of all materials used and ensure they gained the relevant certification, giving ourselves and our customers the reassurance this is a truly eco friendly range.”

The use of natural materials and eco-influenced design is considered throughout the range for specialist products such as a natural rubber treat balls, wooden chews, as well as pet bedding.

The hexagon bedding shape inspired by molecular design, is aesthetically pleasing, in keeping with home décor and most importantly comfortable for the pets. It is made from recycled plastic bottles and due to the diligent, sustainable sourcing, the approximate number of bottles used to produce each bed size is known and featured on the design of the recyclable Kraft card tags.

Vegetable based materials are used as an alternative to plastic in the range of compostable dog poo bags. The concise range offers both tie handle poo bags as well bags on a roll, including a dispenser made from Bamboo.

Petface were eager to look to create new eco-friendly products while understanding the whole journey of all the materials used. Working hard to ensure the range is truly ‘Eco’ and Sustainable, with transparent traceability.   

About Petface:

Petface are the pet product experts, with over 50 years’ experience developing ranges of innovative, design-led products for trade, retail, and distributors in the UK, Ireland, and parts of Europe.  Established in 2011, Petface is widely seen as the innovators of the latest industry trends.

Each individual product is thoroughly researched and expertly designed, creating collections of fun practical toys, bedding, treats, and accessories that pets will love!

LeisureGrow Group

In 2018, Petface joined the LeisureGrow family, a home and garden industry supplier, which also owns the brands LG Outdoor, Grillstream Barbecues, NOMA Garden & Lighting, and NOMA Christmas Lights.

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