Advancing Digital Innovation to Deliver Actionable Insights in The Veterinary Clinic

On behalf of Kisaco Research

The animal health ecosystem is going through a digital transformation, as disruptive tools reshape the way we think about the prevention and prediction of disease, and veterinarians are increasingly using a variety of new digital solutions to empower them in the workplace and improve their productivity. The growing ‘millenialization’ of pet ownership has resulted in a demand for digital solutions that directly connect the pet owner with the clinic.

With 30% of pet owners not currently visiting clinics, practitioners are being forced to adopt solutions that are designed to improve the pet-owner/vet relationship and tackle the longstanding issue of compliance. Now is the time to evolve and embrace the digital revolution to fully support veterinarians in the workplace. We know that digital has the power to improve workflow efficiency and support in hiring the next generation of veterinary talent but issues such as compliance, digital standards and systems integration stand in the way of this becoming reality.

At the Digital Veterinary Summit, taking place online July 27-28, 2021, we bring together 150+ executives from across the animal health and veterinary industry, to examine the sector’s digital trends and dynamics, and showcase the industry’s most exciting emerging technologies. The companion animal focused event will showcase technology innovation, platforms and services for pet owners and the latest digital solutions for veterinary practice.

Our in-depth research findings highlight that the vet profession is set to face significant additional strain and stress through the increased levels of pet adoption during the pandemic. Harnessing the power of digital innovation will be critical to support veterinarians, now and in the future, as they seek to be more efficient, more productive and lead a more balanced working life. However, with many veterinary practices and providers still finding their feet, the industry must come together to solve its biggest digital challenges.

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