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Nation has ‘good supply’ of pet food, says PFMA

The trade association is reassuring the country after reports by retailers of pet food pouches shortages

The Pet Food Manufacturers Association (PFMA) has issued a statement reassuring the UK that the country has a “good supply” of pet food.

The trade association’s intervention comes after reports from retailers of pet food pouches shortages.

According to the PFMA, the temporary shortage is due to a rise in the UK pet population and a change in purchasing behaviour during Covid.

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In July 2020, the PFMA commissioned a study which revealed that 11% of households acquired a new pet during the pandemic.

Nicole Paley, the association’s deputy chiefs executive, said: “We appreciate that some pet owners will be concerned if they are unable to buy their pet’s favourite food but please rest assured, pet food manufacturers are working hard to remedy this as soon as possible.

“We encourage pet owners to continue to shop sensibly and only to buy what is needed so as not to cause unnecessary peaks in demand.”

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