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Charity publishes roadmap out of lockdown for dogs

Dogs Trust has release guidance to help dogs owners assist their pets in adjusting to normality once lockdown ends

Dogs Trust has published a “roadmap out of lockdown” for dogs ahead of the easing of lockdown restrictions across the UK.

The charity released the guidance to help dog owners assist their pets in adjusting to normality once lockdown ends.

To prepare for outdoor gatherings again, Dogs Trust recommends canine owners “brush up” on their dogs recall skills and loose lead walking.

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In preparation of outdoor settings reopening, the chairy suggests reteaching dogs how to settle and calm down in busy environments.

Ahead of all restrictions being lifted, Dogs Trust emphasised the importance of preparing dogs for being left alone once owners return to working in offices, socialising and travelling again.

Rachel Casey, director of Canine and Behaviour and research, said: “It’s safe to say life has not been normal for many of our dogs for the majority of the past year. They’ve had less interactions with other dogs, fewer visitors coming into the home and they haven’t spent much time alone since the pandemic began.

“Roadmap announcements have us all longing for a great British summer where we can walk our dogs with our friends’ dogs, have family round for garden barbecues and take our pooches to the pub or café, and of course, we need our four-legged friends to be able to cope with all of that.”

She added: “A return to normal could be confusing for our dogs, especially puppies acquired during the pandemic who won’t have had these early life experiences.

“But the good news is, it’s not too late to prepare your dog for lockdown easing, and to teach them vital skills that they can apply in any situation.”

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