Norsh continues Mackle growth

Mackle Petfoods, owners of award winning brands Naturo, Brandy and Cat Club is continuing to add value to the pet food category with it’s most recent brand addition of Norsh; a freeze-dried natural treat for both cats and dogs to enjoy!

Stemming from Mackle Petfoods’ mission to improve pet nutrition through their pet food products, Norsh was born and aims to be the ultimate in natural pet nourishment. The brand has two ranges – ‘Salmon Skin Twirls’ and ‘Chicken with Fruit and Vegetables’ both of which are for sale online (for both retail and trade customers) and via a number of retailers.

The freeze-dried market, which accounts for almost $100m annually in the USA, is one that is a new and emerging market in the UK, with more and more well known brands seeking to steal share of this market.

Created from 100% natural foods including sustainably farmed Scottish salmon, chicken, superfoods blueberries and sweet potato, carrots, peas, dried kelp and rosemary extract, Norsh combines the latest in pet nutrition and innovative technology.  Boasting only the best in healthy ingredients, the treats are freeze-dried so as to preserve the nutrients and flavour meaning that pets are enjoying them almost as fresh as the day they were harvested. 

The process of making Norsh is unique to Mackle Petfoods manufacturing in Ireland and is created by removing the moisture from frozen raw ingredients when mixed together, over a slow period. By applying minimal heat whilst under high vacuum, the moisture in the form of ice becomes vapour, a process known as ‘sublimination’. This vapour is drawn away from the product slowly and gently, meaning the product retains maximum nutrients, and is then packaged, locking in its freshness.  At this point, some 2.5 days from start to finish, the tasty treats are ready for pets to enjoy. 

With each range made in small batches by hand, the Norsh brand can ensure that the optimum care is given to making them just right for our beloved pets.

Sustainability is an element that is important to the Norsh brand, not only when it comes to the ingredients but also in how these delicious treats are packaged. Norsh comes in compostable pouches, which are 100% plastic free, with all packaging boxes also 100% recyclable.

With resealable pouches, freshness is guaranteed. These treats are ideal for those on the go, who love to enjoy adventures with their pets, as well as making the perfect training aid for those pets who are motivated by a scrumptious snack!

The two Norsh ranges are grain free and free from all artificial colours, preservatives and flavouring. For more information or to set up a trade account, visit or contact

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