Click-2-Heel extends Facebook dog training sessions

Di Martin, owner of Click-2-Heel, is virtually offering her services to puppy owners during the pandemic

Di Martin, owner of dog training company Click-2-Heel, is extending her online service to puppy owners during the pandemic through Facebook.

The trainer first launched sessions over a three-week period, from 1 February to 19 February, with 15 minute sessions broadcast every afternoon.

After the success of the classes, Martin is now launching an extended 40-minute Facebook Live on 5 March at 7pm where she will demonstrate a typical training session with one of her puppies.

Furthermore, she is offering the chance for owners to win lifetime access to her Online Puppy Training Course through a competition.

Entries are being asked to post short videos on Click-2-Heel’s Facebook page showing their training progress together with a sentence explaining how the sessions have helped and why they would want to win.

The competition closes on 26 February 2021.

Martin said: “Although I’m used to competing in dog sports in front of large crowds and training groups both face-to-face and now over Zoom, this was my first experience of live streaming. I was nervous before the first session but soon relaxed into it especially when I started to see the traction and amazing comments from people watching.

“It has given owners of puppies and older dogs an opportunity to share their experiences, both good and bad.”

She added: “As it became increasingly obvious that there was a significant demand for progressive yet relatable online puppy training, we decided to do an extended facebook live on the 5 March.

“The team at Click-2-Heel has been truly thrilled at the positive response and if we’ve been able to stop one puppy from being abandoned or surrendered to a rescue centre then it has all been worth it. It is highly likely we will do more live puppy / dog training initiatives going forward.”

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