IVC Evidensia launches new joint care supplement 

As part of its ongoing commitment to innovation in patient care, Europe’s leading veterinary care provider IVC Evidensia has launched a new, fast acting anti-inflammatory healthcare supplement, specifically designed to tackle one of the UK’s most common cat and dog ailments.

Joints and Mobility with Omega-3s is the latest supplement to join the Vetpro range, a premium quality natural healthcare product collection which was launched by IVC Evidensia  in 2017. 

Now one of the largest nutraceutical ranges in the UK, Vetpro is designed to support the ongoing health and wellbeing of dogs and cats, and the latest product was developed alongside one of IVC Evidensia’s veterinary orthopaedic experts and clinical board member, Jamie McClement.

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He says he “felt strongly” about the benefits of using Omega 3 in osteoarthritis and incorporating this into a high efficacy joints supplement, guided by research, and IVC Evidensia’s own experts. 

Joints and Mobility with Omega 3s offers advanced support to aid joint stiffness in pets. The fast-acting
natural supplement contains highly concentrated levels of Omega-3s EPA and DHA, scientifically proven
to aid joints and flexibility to support a pet’s freedom of movement.

The capsules also contain Boswellia, a plant extract that supports the body’s natural anti-inflammatory processes and helps maintain smooth and comfortable joint movement. 

It also contains Glucosamine HCL, an important building block for cartilage which also helps cartilage to act as a shock absorber in the joint. 

Edward Davies BVSc MRCVS, chairman IVC Evidensia UK Clinical Board said: “Stiff joints and poor joint health can adversely affect a pet’s quality of life and research has shown that high levels of Omega-3s EPA and DHA, can greatly support freedom of movement and pain. Yet, there was nothing like this on the market.

“Our new Joints and Mobility with Omega-3s supplement product was developed alongside one of our
own clinicians to ensure a high efficacy product that delivered fast results. By developing our own
products – a process managed entirely by our vets – we control the quality of ingredients so we can
maximise patient care.”

IVCE Evidensia clinical board member and clinical director of Abington Park Veterinary Group in
Northampton, Jamie McClement added: “It’s great to be part of a company that listens to and acts on
the clinical advice of their staff. Together we have created an industry leading product to improve
pets’ quality of life.”

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