Walker and Drake supports Walk Your Dog Month 

Yorkshire-based pet food manufacturer, Walker and Drake, is backing the Walk Your Dog campaign this month, alongside leading pet supplement brand Overby Farm and pet accessory company Collared Creatures.

The campaign is an international initiative that aims to “get people out walking their dogs in the winter months”, and encourages owners to meet other dog walkers and improve their own and their dogs’ well-being. 

Richard Grant, co-founder of Walker and Drake along with his business partners, David Taylor and Tim Matthews said: “Walk Your Dog Month has particular resonance this year due the impact of the Covid pandemic on peoples’ mental health, so it is important to get everyone active. 

“With Covid restrictions in place, our four-legged friends will become more important giving pet owners the opportunity to strengthen the bond between owner and dog as they enjoy long winter walks together”. 

The group added it is “vitally important” to exercise your dog in the winter months and to feed a good diet to improve your dog’s immune system and protect the joints, coat and skin.

Alongside a team of nutritionists, Walker and Drake has recently developed a range of Cold Pressed food recipes for dogs. 

It has also partnered with pet supplement brand, Overby Farm, and pet accessory manufacturer, Collared Creatures to offer pet owners a range of competition prices that support the health and wellbeing of pets over the winter months.

This includes a variety bundle of Walker and Drakes’ cold-press food, a handmade collar and lead from Collared Creatures and a range of pet supplement chews from Overby Farm to support the joints, immune system, skin and coat.

Walker and Drake is available in Duck, Ocean Fish and Chicken flavours, in both 2 kg and 10 kg bags made from recyclable materials.

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