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Barking Mad closes Glossop branch after Crufts-qualifying dog killed

Dog boarding company Barking Mad has announced it has stopped trading in Glossop following an incident where a dog was hit by a car and subsequently killed whilst being looked after by a host family.

The Glossop branch was supposedly not following the guidelines set out by Barking Mad, with Richard Dancy telling Pet Gazette “they weren’t following procedures and that’s why we could no longer let them continue”. Dancy went on to say of the Glossop branch “we closed that as a direct result of the incident”.

The company claims it has put measures in place to ensure that this never happens again, and say they are “dedicated to providing the very best service”.

In a statement Barking Mad said: “We take full responsibility for the accident and our heartfelt condolences go out to all those affected”.

Following the incident in Glossop, the company has contacted all of its other franchises in order to reinforce the company standards which are ISO9001 accredited.

Yesterday’s incident saw Reacher a Crufts-qualifying dog killed in a traffic accident after its owner Jennifer Smith told the company that the dog should not be walked or surrounded by children and cigarette smoke. Read more.

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