RSPCA ‘shocked’ after gerbil thrown into skip

The RSPCA has announced it is “shocked” after it was alerted by a member of the public to a gerbil in distress after being thrown into a skip in Nuneaton.

Louise Marston, an RSPCA inspector rushed out to save the animal and took him to a nearby RSPCA rescue centre.

Marston said in a statement: “This was so sad and it sickened me that someone just threw the gerbil in the skip to die, as though he was a piece of rubbish.

“He had water in his bottle, but the cage in general was quite dirty. It is pretty clear that whoever did this did so knowing that the gerbil was in there. If he hadn’t have been found, he would have died a horrible death.

“The skip wasn’t even full, so a lot of extra rubbish would have been thrown on top of this poor gerbil. Thankfully he recovered he is very lucky.”

The gerbil was one of 1,200 animal safety complaints in the area, with four cases being investigated each day.

The incident comes just a few months after the RSPCA released some of the more ridiculous calls from the public as to cheer up pet owners on Blue Monday. Read more here

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