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Battersea highlights pet dental problems

Animal charity Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, has today revealed that its expert veterinary team are performing dental procedures on more than 170 animals every month.

The statistics show that during 2017 – in addition to thousands of routine scales and polishes – Battersea’s vets extracted hundreds of teeth from over 800 dogs and cats.

Battersea and Mars Petcare have teamed up to inform pet owners across the country of how they can help keep their dog or cat in optimum dental health.

While dentists recommend that humans visit their dentist for a check-up twice a year, many animals that come through Battersea’s famous gates sadly sport far from a healthy set of teeth and gums.

Many of the dental problems treated in the charity’s Veterinary Hospital could have been prevented with basic hygiene, so Battersea and Mars have put together some tips help ensure your pet’s teeth and gums stay healthy.


Shaun Opperman, veterinary director at Battersea, advises: “Regular dental check-ups at your own private vet is the best way to help keep your animal’s teeth healthy. If there are any concerns about a pet’s dental health, always consult your own vet. It can be difficult to spot gum disease, so use Mars’ ‘3 Bs’ guide and look out for bad breath, bleeding gums and changes in behaviour.”

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