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Vet group awarded Gold Level status

Pride Veterinary Centre, Scarsdale Vets’ animal hospital in Derbyshire, has been awarded Gold Level status as a Cat Friendly Clinic.

Scarsdale Vets is the only Gold rated practice in the city of Derby, with Pride being only one of four Gold level status practices in the county.

Pride has been awarded this achievement by a worldwide programme from the International Society of Feline Medicine, the veterinary division of the charity International Cat Care.

Pride Veterinary Centre is Scarsdale’s second cat friendly accredited practice, alongside the practice in Stapenhill which was awarded Silver Level status in 2016.

Scarsdale Vets recognises that taking cats to the vets can be very stressful due to the animal’s unique physical and psychological needs. Their practices are therefore specifically designed to be cat-friendly environments including ‘cat only’ waiting areas, consulting rooms and wards.

Francis Boyer, partner at Scarsdale Vets, says “We are very proud to have achieved this award and to be acknowledged for all the effort we put in to looking after each animal’s specific needs. The whole team has worked so hard so make this happen.

“Cats are such sensitive creatures and their environment and interactions impact greatly on their wellbeing.

“Animals who experience a calm admission, careful handling and receive specifically tailored care are more likely to be relaxed and recover more quickly.

“For us, this award shows that this level of care and understanding of cats and their unique nature has been recognised at Pride and that we go above and beyond to make sure all aspects of the cat’s treatment are second to none.”

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