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RCVS president announces charities receiving Christmas Box

The president of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) has chosen two charities focused on working animals in the UK, The Horse Trust and Medical Detection Dogs, as the recipients of this year’s RCVS Christmas Box.

The Box includes a £3,000 annual donation to the charity.

The Horse Trust provides a range of services to support working horses, while Medical Detection Dogs trains dogs to alert their owners to cancers and other medical conditions, providing preemptive non-invasive warning.

The president’s Christmas Box donation is made every year in lieu of sending out RCVS Christmas cards.

Previous recipients have included Worldwide Veterinary Service, Mind, Riding for the Disabled Association, Canine Partners, Hounds for Heroes, and Vetlife.

RCVS president, Professor Stephen May, said: “These two charities’ work in strengthening and supporting the human-animal bond is truly remarkable. Though The Horse Trust was originally founded in 1886 as a retirement home for working horses, and this remains a core focus of theirs to this day, it has now evolved to provide a whole range of services, from education to research to rescuing neglected equids.

“Medical Detection Dogs, though founded much more recently in 2008, has already done an incredible amount in its short history – 76 of its dogs are now partnered with people with critical medical conditions, ensuring essential emotional as well as medical support.”

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