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King British launches new online video

King British fish flake food has launched a new online video. Running for approximately one and a half minutes, it focuses upon the product’s Immuno Health Booster (IHB), an ingredient said to be unique to King British.

IHB is called an ‘immunomodulator’ and a major breakthrough in nutritional science. It’s said to regulate the immune system, producing immunostimulants as well as suppressing them when necessary, helping to avoid auto-immune diseases or infections. This naturally helps fish to reduce stress to optimise their health and longevity.

IHB is suitable for all coldwater, tropical and marine fish that will eat prepared dry food. All King British flake foods and some of the brand’s specialist foods contain IHB including King British Goldfish Flake, King British Tropical Flake and King British Cichlid Flake, King British Cichlid Sticks and King British Algae Wafers.

To view the video go to Call 0333 0066 236 or email to learn more about stocking King British products.

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