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Greyhound walk was the biggest yet

Great Global Greyhound Walk has beaten its previous records by featuring more walks around the country than ever before. The event, which took place on 11 June, covered almost 100 locations across the UK. York topped the charts with 216 sighthounds taking part.

Founder, Janet Peacock, began the Great Global Greyhound Walk in Essex in 2006 with just a few hounds. Since then it has grown to feature locations world wide.

Globally the event almost doubled in popularity this year, aided by a turnout of 165 dogs in Dublin, Ireland and 126 in Auckland, New Zealand. Overall, 2024 hounds took part outside the UK. 3678 sighthounds and their owners walked in the UK, making a grand total of 5702 in all.

The theme for this year’s event was Colours of the World and many walkers and their hounds took up the challenge and arrived at their walks brightly dressed. Many of the walks had picnics, raffles and games afterwards too.

For more information go to or make a note of next year’s event, which will take place on 10 June 2018.

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