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Fire crews rescue a man trapped at a garden centre

A man had to be rescued after he fell two metres and became trapped upside down at Windlesham Garden Centre.

The man was believed to have been on top of a container before he fell in the gap in between two shipping containers and became trapped upside down.

He is believed to have fallen in the Chertsey Tool Hire area of Wyevale garden centre.

Two Surrey Fire and Rescue Service crews were called to the scene.

Watch Commander Tim Harrison told GetSurrey: “He had fallen down between two shipping containers.

“We don’t know how he fell but think he was working on top or cleaning the container.

“There was enough space to get to him however he had fallen on some signs which were being stored in the gap.

“He was left almost upside down, lying almost horizontally.

“It took us 20 minutes to get him out as we had to remove signs first to move the casualty onto a spinal board.

“He will definitely have some bruising but seemed to not be too badly hurt but went to hospital to be checked.”


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