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Raw food recalled over Salmonella fears

Natures Menu is recalling its ‘Country Hunter 80% Farm Reared Turkey with Wholesome Fruit and Veg’ frozen pet food, because the product contains Salmonella.

Salmonella is a bacterium that can cause food poisoning.

In a notice the company said: “In September 2016, Natures menu produced a batch of 900 bags of Turkey Country hunter RAW nuggets. 280 bags were sent to Norway. 600 individual bags have been distributed in the UK.

“The Norway authorities have sent one bag of the product away for testing and it has come back with a positive result test for Salmonella. Whilst salmonella is known to make humans sick if ingested, it is also known that dogs and cat’s digestion is designed to eat raw foods.

“Natures menu takes responsible raw feeding extremely seriously and is supporting the FSA with the recall of any bags of food left in circulation as a complete precaution.

“If a consumer has product with this code which they would like to return, please e-mail and we will be happy to collect the product and refund your purchase.”

Products that should be taken from display are as follows:

Product: Country Hunter 80% Farm Reared Turkey with Wholesome Fruit and Veg (frozen pet food)

Pack size: 1kg

Batch code: 13122017

‘Use by’ date: 13 December 2017

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