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Pet shop owner terrorised by teens

A pet shop owner was left feeling vulnerable when teenage girls harassed her within the shop.

Carol Beaney, of Paws and Claws in Wellington, said the girls began throwing cauliflower around outside her shop

“I think they had taken it from greengrocer Mary Jenkins a few doors down,” she said. “Me, being a mother, asked them to pick the bits up and I got a torrent of abuse.”

Carol, said the girls walked away but later threw the cauliflower at her shop, reported Wellington Today.


“I was on my own, so I was extremely vulnerable. I rang 999 but it took the police more than an hour to arrive.”


Carol added: “I rang my daughter Rachel and asked her to come down and meet me at the end of the day. We knew the girls were still around town and they came back in the shop.

“They stood in front of me and one of them said ‘shows the police don’t give a f*** about your little business, doesn’t it – they’ve gone and left us here.

“I just ignored them, I thought it’s the best way. Then one of them picks up the charity box and says ‘we’ll have that away – oh f*** it’s tethered, we cant’t.

“They pick up a jar of honey and I’m thinking ‘please don’t do anything with that’ but because they didn’t get a reaction from me, they put it back down again. Then they picked up an egg and as they walked out they threw it up at a sign outside the door.

“While they were still here I phoned the police on 999 and Steve Hills phoned to check on me.”

Carol said the girls looked about 16 but said police later told her they were 13.

Carol has owned the shop for six years and has previously not had any problems.

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