Tetra launches pop-up aquatic experience

London’s Old Street Underground Station is offering an exclusive underwater experience from September 8-15. The aquatics experts at Tetra and the Aquatic Design Centre have worked together to add an element of calm into travellers’ busy commute. 

On September 8, Gemma Serdet, who is heading up Tetra’s marketing for aquatics, told Pet Gazette: “The footfall today has been far beyond what we expected. It’s been so well received. People are popping in, amazed that it’s here. We’ve had the local traders, people who are local to the area and see different pop ups every week, saying that this is the best thing that they’ve seen. It has been really positive feedback.”

She continued: “For us at Tetra this is the year of the tank. We’re hoping that it brings awareness to the hobby. We’ve got some fantastic products, some fantastic tanks, that fit into every sort of environment, whether it be home or work and we’re really showcasing what they look like when they’re done.”

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Welfare has also been of primary concern, explained Gemma: “We really try to make sure that welfare is paramount and make sure they’re stocked in the right tanks with the right water etc.

She added: “Always speak to your stockist and get advice so you can have a really positive experience with your tank.”



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