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Dog breeder fined for fake pedigree scam

A ‘pedigree’ dog breeder sold ill puppies and lied to unsuspecting buyers about having the correct paperwork.

Consett based Jodie Green, 24, falsely claimed puppies were Kennel Club registered as dozens of complaints were filed against her.

A court heard some 38 people contacted trading standards regarding mother-of-two Green, who sold dogs online via, reports the ChronicleLive.

Green admitted four charges of engaging in reckless commercial practice and was ordered to pay £1,700 in compensation to customers.

It comes just years after her parents were caught selling bogus pedigree pooches in a similar expose.

The court heard that Green promised a 72-year-old woman she could return the maltipoo puppy she bought for £400 if she couldn’t cope with looking after it – and get a full refund.

Mr McKey said: “When she returned home with the puppy it became unwell and when she took it to the vet, the vet wouldn’t give it vaccinations because it was so ill.

“She returned the dog and was given a receipt and told she would be given a refund, but she didn’t receive the money.

“She had felt reassured by Miss Green that it would be fine to return the dog if she couldn’t cope.”

At Jodie Green’s court appearance this week, it was heard she is planning to launch her own dog grooming business next week – as the bench was told she would struggle to afford to pay back £100 a week.

Green was ordered to pay back the £1,700 price of the puppies in compensation and £3,000 of the county council’s £5,493 court costs.

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