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Vetark Professional to show key rabbit health products at RWAF conference 2016

Vetark Professional will be attending the RWAF conference 2016 at the Royal Veterinary College in Hawkshead, Hatfield. With over 250 delegates in two streams – veterinary and owner – the conference will focus on the latest advances in rabbit welfare including healthcare and husbandry.

The animal health specialists will highlight three key products for rabbit health Pro-C Probiotic, Pro-C Professional and Critical Care Formula.

Pro-C Probiotic is a blend of vitamins, minerals, prebiotics, probiotics, chlorophyll and electrolytes to support small mammals’ system in times of stress, sickness or showing/breeding. Rabbits, guinea pigs and other small animals undergoing veterinary treatment or sickness will benefit from the use of Pro-C. Vetark Pro-C is available through Pet shops and Pets at Home Stores.

Pro-C Professional, available through veterinarians, has a higher count of probiotic organisms per dose for added support.

Critical Care Formula is a protein/carbohydrate support feed for sick and collapsed animals. Fine enough for use with any feeding tube it provides a pure energy source to keep the animal’s system going until it is able to feed again.

For more information please look at the company’s website or contact the office where the team is always pleased to help.

Vetark Professional, PO Box 60, Winchester, Hampshire, SO23 9XN. Telephone 01962 844316, email:

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