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Kennel club launches guide to tackle pet obesity

The Kennel Club has launched a comprehensive guide to help dog owners tackle the nation’s growing canine obesity problem.

To combat overweight pets, the Kennel Club has launched a new information guide to assist owners of overweight dogs in managing their pet’s weight.

The guide discusses how to tell if a dog is overweight, examines the causes of obesity and provides owners with tips and advice to help their dog lose weight.

Aimée Llewellyn-Zaidi, head of health and research at the Kennel Club, said: “Letting a dog become overweight can affect their quality of life and shorten their life span dramatically. Even letting them become moderately overweight can influence their life expectancy.

“Overweight dogs can suffer from the same health problems that overweight humans do, including heart disease, joint conditions and diabetes.

“The good news is that these very serious effects are avoidable and largely reversible, and by keeping dogs in shape, owners can help them live longer happier lives.”

The Kennel Club’s new ‘How to manage your dog’s weight’ information guide can be accessed for free by visiting Veterinary practices wishing to order paper copies can download an order form from the link above.

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