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Pedigree dogs account for nearly 70% of insurance enquires

Pet owners looking to insure pedigree dog breeds account for 66.7 percent of all dog insurance enquires at

According to data collected by the company, in the last six months, the most expensive breed quoted for onsite (by some margin) is the Cane Corso, who costs on average a £770 a year to insure.

Other breeds that set owners back include the Northern Inuit which is £173.66 on average to insure and the Shar Pei which could cost £163.52 to cover.

Dog quotes account for 79 percent of all pet enquiries on the site, suggesting that insurance is more of a concern for those with canine companions.

In comparison, just 11.4 percent of all cat enquiries are for those who would like to insure pedigrees.

Instead, cross-breeds make up the majority of all cat quotes conducted onsite.

Some of the most expensive pedigrees to insure include the Norwegian Forest Cat which costs on average £49.65 to insure, followed by the Burmese which costs £48.91 and the Sphynx which comes in at £48.82.

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