Johnston & Jeff releases YouTube feeding guides

High quality bird food producer, Johnston & Jeff, has spent the past months filming garden birds as they eat their way through a wide selection of the company’s foods.

Richard Johnston MD commented: “We always test our foods on the consumers – the birds of course – so we can see what works and what works less well, and make any changes necessary. Then we decided to film the birds, and then to turn the results into feeding guides.

“Why? Because this is a good and accessible way to give people the sort of information they tell us they need. And we’ve got some footage of birds having an excellent time!”

Johnston & Jeff’s Autumn & Winter Feeding Guide and Spring & Summer Feeding Guide are on You Tube – the Johnston & Jeff channel – and on the company’s website

Featured products include High Energy No Mess Blend, Essential Blend for Spring & Summer, suet foods such as the wonderful RolyPoly, and the splendid Sunflower Heart.

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