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Kennel Club urges dog owners to have their say

The  Kennel Club is urging dog owners in Caerphilly to have their say on proposals which could restrict dog walking in the area and see responsible dog owners fined if they are not able to prove they have suitable means should their dog foul.

Specific restrictions the council is consulting on include bans on dog walking on sporting and recreational fields, and restrictions on where dogs can be walked off lead.

The Kennel Club wants to see a comprehensive awareness campaign being implemented in the area should this plan come into effect, to ensure dog owners are aware of the need to take an excess of dog waste bags with them when they go for a walk.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club secretary, said: “This is the perfect opportunity for dog owners in Caerphilly to have their say on the proposals so that the Council can make informed and fair decisions that will be best for all those who enjoy the local area.

“Some aspects of PSPOs, such as the requirement to pick up after a dog, are very sensible measures to help promote responsible dog ownership. However, making it a legal requirement for a dog owner to provide evidence of their ‘means to pick up’, when local authorities are already extremely under-resourced, is highly unlikely to have the effect that these local authorities are intending.

“Other aspects such as a ban on off-lead dog walking may not be welcomed by the many responsible dog owners in the area whose pets enjoy local public spaces without any issue.

“Dogs need a good deal of exercise, including off lead, so we would not want to see restrictions that have a negative effect on the amount of exercise responsible owners can give their pets.”

For further details on the consultation and to respond, visit  The consultation closes on 24 June 2016.

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